This is a list of all articles, because I’m old and need help remembering stuff.


8 Mile Road – I go for a drive where I do not discuss the Lufthansa Miles & More program.

Easy Peasy – I try to install a new radio in an old Porsche.

Tires, Tires, Tires – The one where I talk about tires. Again.

Driving in the Time of COVID-19 – Wear a mask. Stay away.

Subaru Winter Experience – Yeee-haaaaa!! (Greetings from Eagle River, Wisconsin.)


Pizza Delivery, German-Style – Pizza is like sex. Even when it’s bad, it’s good.

Specialty Car – The one where I get a new car.

2019 Detroit Auto Show – You would think I would have a lot of pictures like in previous years, and you would be wrong. I have pictures of just 2 cars from the show.


The Weight Is Over – I obsess over weight.

The Die Was Cast Years Ago – I play with toy cars.

Land of the Midnight Sun – Snow. Rubber. And studs.

Traces of My Life, Part 3 – I break out Excel again to see my annual mileages.

2018 Detroit Auto Show – If it’s 2018 I must be in Michigan.


It’s All My Dad’s Fault – Fixing stuff and the red ramp of death.

Versus 2: Car vs Train – Electric boogaloo was taken. EMan goes to Berlin.

Versus vs. – Us against them and them and them…

5-Year, 2-Month, 20-Day Itch – What Would EMan Buy? For his wife?


There Is No Substitute… for a Vacation Day – A pilgrimage to the Porsche Museum.

Stelvio Pass – I take on an Italian mountain pass and didn’t die.

Crossy Kids – America at the Crossroads. Or Crosswalks.

Rechts vor Links – The one where I complain about Germany. Again.

Are You TÜV Enough? – I fought the German bureaucracy, and you know, we compromised. I gave them money, they gave me stuff back.

The Streets of Venice – My God, it’s full of boats!

2016 Geneva Auto Show – Pictures and stuff.

All Is Well Again – My car arrives in Germany all in one piece.

Well, Hallo, Deutschland – @#$%^$&*(!!@$$&)! Also, #@$%^$&$!


Oil Voodoo That You Do – The one where the internet just sucks me into its gaping maw. Also, oil and stuff.

150,000 Is the New 100,000 – Age and death and destruction and why are we even here.

Black Hats, White Knuckles – Hackers control your car. Have a good day!

iPhone vs the Automobile – Apple. Also, Apple.

A Convenient Truth – A lazy guy buys tires. Also, tires!

DFCO One – Engineers argue, Excel is brought out.

Big Hero Loss – Denise McCluggage.

Happy 150,000 Miles! – STI.

Gas Mileage — The Numbers Game – How I sometimes drive like a sane person. Also, Excel.

Tracing Further Back in Time – Have I mentioned that I still have my Excel 2.0 floppy installation disks?

Traces of My Life – I play with Excel and reminisce.

More February Weather – The world is screwed.

February 2015 — First Loser – I hate snow. And cold weather.

Bentley. James’s Bentley. – Some of James Bond’s cars, including his original in the book.

Live Long and Prosper – Leonard Nimoy.

What the Hell: Is Adaptive Cruise Control? – Who the hell wants to know?

2015 Detroit Auto Show – And yet evener morerer pictures and stuff and things.


A Light Rant – I may be an idiot, but at least I’m still impatient.

123456, #2 – While You Were Sleeping – Stop with this aging thing, okay? (944)

Dr. John W. Melvin – I feel honored to have known such a wonderful person.

Empathy – For the other tranny.

The Mechanic – My cars are old. Please, just fix them.

New Snowfall Record! – Yup, still hate snow.

123456 – 0x1E240 (STI)

2,000 Miles in 20 Minutes – Drive to Florida with me.

Snow Close – No record.

Car Makers That Car – Buy all of their cars.

List of Shame – @#*%!)^$ car manufacturers that stopped putting manual transmissions on their cars.

Coast to Coast on I-75 – Old, cranky driver forgets to exit freeway.

The Manual Transmission Rant – I want it and I want it now.

Groder, Eater of Tires – I hate winter. And potholes.

2014 Detroit Auto Show – Yet evener morerer pictures and stuff.

Wheel on the Subaru Goes Round and Round – I’m still an idiot.

Car Flies Off Bridge – Car flies off bridge.

Snowpocalygeddon – Snow hater compiles statistics on snow.

Fiat To Take Over Chrysler for $4.35 Billion – “Luverly day, eh Guv’ner?”


Italian Rubber – I talk about tires!

GM Has a New Sheriff in Town – Mary Barra

Braking Bad – Just Don’t Do It

Slow and Serene – Paul Walker. Also, last entry in old blog.

Time Passages – Old person has cars with lots of mileage. Also, age and stuff.

Car People – Some people like cars.

Traffic Circle of Death – Doom, destruction, annihilation, very bad.

Say Hello, Wave Goodbye – The Wave (no, not that one in the stadiums).

2013 Detroit Auto Show – Yet even more pictures and stuff.


The Package – Walter Mitty drives to the UPS store.

Busted! – I get a ticket from Germany.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Idiots – Drunk drivers are bad.

Old People with Old Cars – No, not me—the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Slow Subaru, Practical Porsche – After weeks of waiting, my car is resurrected.

RUF Mich An – I accidentally visit RUF.

Autobahn vs. the Interstate – The one where I drive a giant van really fast in the rain with my family, because I’m an idiot.

The Lingenfelter Collection – Or as its called in my head, Heaven.

My Cars Hate Me – Old cars need fixing.

National Donut Day – I say donut, you say doughnut.

One Track Mind – My car dies, but at least I was able to make a video before it did.

Brain Buckets and Brain Donors – Is your noggin protected? (No, your other noggin.)

Dead Man Driving – According to Data, driving is killing us.

EMan’s Road Rules – The Rules of Life. Also, a Ушанка.

The Stereotype Games – Profiling, the Game.

My Sweet Valentine – Of radar and men.

2012 Detroit Auto Show – Even more pictures and stuff.

The Need for Speed Is the Leading Cause of Brain Drain – This may be hard to believe, but some people behind the wheel are idiots.


It’s The Most @#$%(*! Time of the Year – I love Christmas. If it wasn’t for all the people…

The World’s Hardest Job – Raising kids is a piece of cake. Right?

The Gentle Curve of Death – Lots of words for posting a Shania Twain picture.

Where the Rubber Meets the Road Salt – If you drive in snow, buy winter tires. Or else.

War! – Other than the Skywalker family, this is only war I condone.

Shift Happens – I want a manual transmission, @#$%*&!!!

Back to the ’Bahn – Me talking about driving in Germany? That’s new.

Kitchen Pass to Zebulon’s Mountain – I drive to Pikes Peak. Because it’s there.

There Is No Substitute… – Playing with Porsches in parking lots.

My Rubber Fetish – Tires!

Press On Regardless (How Stupid I Am) – I’m an idiot.

German Engineering for Children – It’s a child seat (saved you a click).


The Guy Behind the Man Wearing the White Suit — Not a Review – The Stig’s book.

What Hath Google Wrought? – A self-driving vehicle? That’s crazy talk.

The Vampire’s Highway – Romania’s gem.

The German Paradox — The Autobahn – It’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

Stigmata – The Stig.

The Sound of Music – All to justify posting pictures of т.А.Т.у.

Still Here – But are we really? (Save yourself a click and pick a different article.)

The German Paradox – Parking – I talk about parking in Germany, which is different than ranting about parking in Germany.

Sign of the Times – “Keep right, pass the Dutchie on the left hand side.”

Me and My Porsche – A tribute to my neglected 944 Turbo

Kindred Folk – People say mean things in internet comments. (No, really!)

The Egoist – I get impatient while listening to some Falco. And angry. Falco make angry driving.

What Comes after Two Days of Rain in Michigan? – Monday. (Saved you a click.)

Safe at Any Speed – Car and Driver editor-in-chief Eddie Alderman meets with my bosses.

A Bavarian Belle – Salma Hayak is not my German wife.

Mercury Falling – The Bruce Willis movie where an automotive company is euthanized.

Happy Days – A day at the track. Also, the Fonz.

Black Plague II: Electric Boogaloo – I can’t believe BP did not have the environment as its first priority.

Secondhand Texting – Anyone remember what the Blackberry was?

GM Posts First Profits in 3 Years – GM parties hard.

Deborah vs. the Volcano – Eyjafjallajokull wins the battle, but Deborah wins the war.

Google Eyes – Geotagging photos from the days of dinosaurs (1990s).

Distracted Driving for Dummies – What are people behind the wheel really doing?

Will Driving Enthusiasts Embrace Hybrid Vehicles? – No. (But I could be wrong.)

Winter Wonderland – Driving in a Michigan winter.

In the Region of Rally Sports – Walter Mitty drives home.

2010 Detroit Auto Show – More pictures and stuff.

Briar Rose – I look up Dornröschen while I read to my kids.




Hyperactive Miler – The one where I try to get good gas mileage.


We’re Finally Number One… – Michigan’s gas prices lead the nation

An Unexpected Turn – Follow the leader

Exxon Reports Highest US Corporate Profits – How much money again?

Ford Loses $12.6 Billion in 2006 – Is that a lot of money?

Detroit Auto Show Attendance Is Down Again – But I’m sure in a couple of year everything will be just dandy.

New Michigan License Plate in 2007 – I don’t like the new license plate.

2007 Detroit Auto Show – Pictures and stuff

Some of My Driving Pet Peeves – Vol. 1 – Where is volume 2?

A Driver’s Rant – Why do I do this?