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Month: January 2014

2014 Detroit Auto Show

I wrote back in 2007 that the attendance for the Detroit auto show (North American International Auto Show—NAIAS) was down for the fourth consecutive year. The downward trend continued until 2009. Since then, it’s steadily grown again, hitting 795,416 attendees in 2013. That’s close to the all-time record of 808,833 in 2003[1].

Wheel on the Subaru Goes Round and Round

So there I was, just a mile from my house when I felt the vibrations. After a few seconds, I decided to pull over and see if I had a flat tire. I went around the car, but all four tires seemed normal. As a precaution, I walked around again and checked the lug nuts by hand. As far as I could tell, those were okay, too.

Car Flies Off Bridge

One of my driving nightmares is flying off a bridge. Minnesota’s Department of Transportation (MnDOT) posted this traffic video of exactly that nightmare. It occurred on January 7, 2014 on I-694 in St. Paul. According to MnDOT’s post of the video, the driver walked away without serious injuries.


[updated April 15, 2014]

After shoveling snow all day, I don’t want to hear about all the snow in the 1970s and 1980s in Michigan. I came back to Michigan at the end of 2004, and after various snow-pocaly-geddons, four of the winters since then are in the top ten for snowiest winters in Detroit.

Fiat To Take Over Chrysler for $4.35 Billion

AUBURN HILLS — At a late holiday fancy pants party at Fiat’s home, it was announced that Fiat was taking Chrysler in. After some time in a government orphanage and debtor’s prison, Chrysler has finally found a home.

“Blimey! I’m so chuffed ter live in a noice ‘ome with a warm fire, guv’nor. Lots of coal makin’ lots of heat. Isn’t it loverly?”

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