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More February Weather

This winter (Dec 2014–Feb 2015) was the warmest ever recorded, probably another sign of climate change. I’m proud to say that Michigan did its absolute best to reduce the overall average as much as possible.

Stupid state.

February 2015 – 1st Loser

I tend to over-obsess about the weather, so when I heard that February was the coldest month in Detroit in 140 years, I had to investigate. It turned out that at an average of 14.5°F, it was the coldest since February 1875, which had an average of 12.2°F. Michiganders around here are acting like 42°F is the start of summer now.

Snow Close

We didn’t break the record today. As of 8:00 pm on March 12, our snowfall total for this winter is 90.7″. The record from 1880-1881 is 93.6″.

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