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Month: January 2007

Detroit Auto Show Attendance Down Again

“The average human has about one breast and one testicle.”
–From Statistics 101

(If you’re one of my anal-retentive engineer friends, please don’t e-mail me about that last quote. I know that men technically have breasts as well, even if they’re not the pert, firm type—unless we’re talking about Ricardo Montalbán’s. The statement is meant to be humorous—you know, like a joke.)

New Michigan License Plate in 2007

After many years, Michigan has changed the design of its main license plate. Gone is the blue background with the white text. This has been the only license plate from Michigan that I can remember. In the 1970s, the blue was a very dark blue (maybe it was black—the past used to be black and white, you know), while the most recent blue is Lake Superior blue.

2007 Detroit Auto Show

[Update 2007-01-16: Added photo slide show of auto show models.]

I’ve been going to the Detroit auto show almost every year that I’ve been in Detroit. Its official name is the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), but since most Americans can’t find North America on a globe, I’ll refer to it as the Detroit auto show. Most Americans probably can’t find Detroit on a map either, but at least they think it’s the capital of Michigan.

Some of My Driving Pet Peeves – Vol. 1

I consider myself to be a gentle, easy-going, control-freak type of person with compulsive-obsessive tendencies. In general, as long as you do as I say, agree with all of my opinions, and have the same interests as I do, we’ll get along just fine.

A Driver’s Rant

I’m really just an ordinary, normal guy. I work, I pay taxes, I have a wife and a daughter. And I have simple needs—I just want to drive like Speed Racer all the time, but I would settle for people getting the heck out of my way. I could to do this more often if it weren’t for all those people on the road.

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