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Land of the Midnight Sun

I’ve waxed on (but not off) before of my love of rubber. My preference is for sticky rubber, but rubber for the cold is good, too. And now I found out I like metal on my rubber.

That’s right—studded rubber for my driving pleasure.

Italian Rubber

[see update below]

I’m an idiot. I think I’ve done a good job proving this in the past, but I seem to like driving the point home. My most recent proof was particularly annoying. I damaged my car’s fender and a wheel. Once I remove all of the stupid and embarrassment off my face, I’ll probably write about it. My mistake cost me a significant amount of money, but luckily no one was hurt.

The Guy Behind the Man Wearing the White Suit — Not a Review

(Warning: Much wordage ahead. Stay a while.)

English version of the Book of Stig
My copy from England looked like a BBC representative shredded one corner with his teeth

I hate critics, probably because I don’t like being criticized.

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