Trying to Make the Driving World a Little Less Annoying

Month: September 2010

The Vampire’s Highway

“Did gerade Linie ist gottlos.”

A friend of mine is on a foreign assignment to Romania for a couple of years. The city where he’s located, Timisoara, is nice enough, with a university and a technical industry, and was the first mainland European city to be lit by electric street lamps in 1884.

The German Paradox – The Autobahn

(Also: The German Paradox – Parking)

The Autobahn. The word evokes a mystical essence about German driving. It’s the last automotive frontier, like the old American wild west. It’s still unlimited. Thoroughbreds like Porsche, BMW, Audi and Mercedes (okay— and VW for that GTI guy) still roam the autobahn. And every encounter in the left lane is about who’s faster, and who needs to move now.


Now that’s going to leave a mark.

For those that don’t watch BBC’s Top Gear show with religious fervor, I’m talking about the de-helmeting of the Stig from the show. For the last seven years, the current (and likely ex-) Stig was the test driver for Top Gear, doing stunts and setting lap times on various cars on the show. His identity has always been a mystery, and now Ben Collins has written an autobiography claiming to be the Stig.

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