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2018 Detroit Auto Show

I wasn’t able to see an auto show in 2017, so I was looking forward to going to the Detroit Auto Show (North American International Auto Show) this year. Of course, life conspired against me, and I almost missed it this year. I was just able to go on the last day, thanks to my wife (she made me go).

2014 Detroit Auto Show

I wrote back in 2007 that the attendance for the Detroit auto show (North American International Auto Show—NAIAS) was down for the fourth consecutive year. The downward trend continued until 2009. Since then, it’s steadily grown again, hitting 795,416 attendees in 2013. That’s close to the all-time record of 808,833 in 2003[1].

Braking Bad

“It is amazing how may drivers, even at the Formula One level, think that the brakes are for slowing the car down.”
—Mario Andretti

I love brakes. I love the pretty colors brake calipers come in, from red to yellow to blue. I love the patterns on the rotors. I even love the blue brake fluid you used to be able to buy[1].

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