I wasn’t able to see an auto show in 2017, so I was looking forward to going to the Detroit Auto Show (North American International Auto Show) this year. Of course, life conspired against me, and I almost missed it this year. I was just able to go on the last day, thanks to my wife (she made me go).

Many people look forward to the New Year for a new start on old habits.

The crowd seemed as expectant to see the new cars as in every other year. I heard excited kids wanting to see the sporty cars. I heard husbands trying to convince their wives on the cars they wanted to get. I heard a young woman explaining to her friends the difference between the engine in her Pontiac G8 and the Corvette’s.

The future may be autonomous, electric vehicles, but for now people still like the current crop of cars.

The car that I really wanted to check out was the BMW M2, but I couldn’t find one. My favorite marque, Porsche, was also absent from the show. However, I re-discovered an old favorite—Alfa Romeo.

I would be okay with an Alfa Romeo Guilia Quadrifoglio, a Stelvio Quadrifoglio, and a 4C in my garage—all the cars Alfa Romeo currently sells in America. I can’t afford any of them, and stories about their reliability scare me, but Alfa Romeo had the most exciting vehicles for me at the show.

I also liked the Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1’s carbon-fiber wing and engine hump, and the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon’s teeny, tiny, Tyrannosaurus Rex arm-like front drag racing tires.

Normally I would show pictures of all of these cars that I just mentioned, but in going through my photos, I was a bit shocked at the the number of wheel, tire, and brake photos that I took. So that’s what I’m going to post.

Alfa Romeo

I love the five circles of the Alfa Romeo wheels1, and the script font on the brake caliper. This is, of course, the most unfocused picture I took of a wheel all day.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio wheels

Infiniti Project Black S

The rubber of these Pirellis seem to be painted on these rims. It’s too bad that the actual yellow paint on the rubber doesn’t match the yellow of the calipers. WWSJYA2

Pirelli yellow


I was so disappointed in not finding a BMW M2 that this is the only BMW picture I have. It’s probably from an SUV.

BMW M gold

Lexus LC

This Lexus has a 2-piece brake rotor, with 5 boomerangs.

Lexus LC vs Macintosh LC

Michelin Vision Concept

How about a tire made out of random things and needs no air? If this means no more flat tires or bent rims from Michigan potholes, I’m in. (Oh, by the way, it’s recycleable, biodegradable, and 3D-printed.)

with a dash of eye of newt and wing of bat

Dodge Challenger SRT Demon

I mentioned that I liked the front tires of this car, but it was the rear tires that intrigued me. The proportions made it look comical. This Nitto drag tire is 315 mm wide, but mounted on 18-inch rims (instead of typical 20-inch rims). I would say the tires make the car look cartoonish, but the whole car is cartoonish. I love this car, even if it’s definitely not for me. I’m so glad Dodge made it.

Demon in the streets

Kia Stinger

The Kia Stinger has Brembo brakes. I had to keep repeating that in my head.

Yes, KIA

Subaru WRX STI Type RA

If you spend $50,000 on a Subaru (my sentimental favorite), you get drilled rotors. And a carbon-fiber roof and wing.

Record Attempt

Nissan GT-R Nismo

Godzilla wears black, presumably because it’s slimming.

Godzilla wears patent leather shoes

Honda Civic Type R

13.8-inch rotors will fill an 18-inch rim, but will look undersized with the Civic’s 20-inch (!!) rims. In the rear, the rotors look positively puny. At least they painted the floating calipers red to match the front Brembos. Or are those the parking brakes?


Tiny rotors, in the car...

Acura ARX-05 IMSA DPI race car (#86)

Yes, I work for this tire company, but I really like the old-timey font on this modern race car.

horse and buggy font

Acura NSX

The NSX tires has the current Continental logo.

Godzilla’s cousing wears Prada

Ford GT

Cars that accidentally set record lap times apparently get big, carbon-ceramic rotors.

Not GT40

Chevrolet Camaro ZL1

This 650-hp Camaro has pretty boring rear rotors. The tires, on the other hand, look all business.

Camaro ZL1

Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport / ZR1

The rotors on the Corvette Grand Sport has random swirls that make it look like somebody screwed up (nobody did).

The ZR1 gets blue (devil) rotors. It also semi-intentionally beat the Ford GT at VIR.

Grand Sport


1968 Ford Bullitt Mustang GT 390 Fastback

How did people survive driving 50 years ago?

Like Steve McQueen / All I need's a fast machine

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If a self-driving vehicle can drop me off at Cobo Hall and then go find a parking spot in downtown Detroit, then I’m ready for the future.