Here’s the video of my trip from Sault Ste Marie to Key West taken in the middle of winter (in the northern hemisphere).

The video is technically 1,974 miles in 18:50 minutes, but that doesn’t exactly roll off the tongue.

Winter trees in Key West
Gratuitous palm tree pictures. Winter will end eventually, right?

It’s apparent that next time I do this, I have to bring a lot more equipment. Maybe I need to bring the Top Gear crew with me. Or Ken Block’s guys. I need more video angles, more high def footage, and better acting. I might as well get a faster car while I’m at it. This blogging on a budget is for the birds.

For the lazy like me (TL;DW), here are the times when stuff happens:

00:00 – “Roll Me Away”
01:45 – I-75 entrance ramp
02:53 – Mackinac Bridge
04:00 – Zilwaukee Bridge
04:33 – “Don’t Stop…”
05:05 – 8 Mile Road
05:23 – South Detroit
06:32 – Ice storm
08:39 – Atlanta / “Angry White Guy Music in Traffic”
13:51 – “Werewolves in Alabama”
14:30 – Key Largo
16:54 – 7 Mile Bridge
17:04 – 458
17:57 – Key West



Some people may care, so here is the list of stuff I used to make the video:



  • The temperature is actually engine intake temperature with a number-massaging algorithm applied to it. It’s least accurate after a stop.
  • Parts of the video are either at 1x, 2x, or 8x speed.
  • I forgot how to turn on one of my video cameras, so I didn’t get as many angles as I had hoped. Old age, or oldage, as I call it (like footage or baggage or pawnage).
  • I also forgot to turn the GPS logger on once in a while. It only affected a couple of clips from the video. More oldage.
  • The GPS route on the map is slightly off. Yes, it bugs me so don’t bring it up. Stupid curvature of the Earth in a Cartesian coordinate world. We should go back to the flat Earth.
  • I didn’t get a video of the end of I-75. I blame my lazy crew of one.
  • I didn’t stop during the drive on Florida Highway 1 to Key West.
  • And yes, I know Journey is from San Francisco. It was them or Madonna.
  • This is a lot of text just to show a video.
  • What else? Oh, yeah. The video.


A video only a Detroit, Michigan based, road trip driving, music enthusiast could like. Who drives a Subaru.

Crankiness Rating: 1 out of 11 (palm trees… so calming… but only if they’re near by, not 2,000 freakin’ miles away…)