As of 6 am on April 15, 2014, Detroit has broken the record for snowfall in a season with 94.8 inches total. The old record was 93.6 inches back in 1880-1881. Presumably there could have been higher snowfalls prior to that, but no one posted it on Facebook or YouTube back then, so it didn’t really happen.

So take that, 1880 and 1881! 2013 and 2014 rules! We’re #1! And all that.

Hopefully we’ll have to wait another 133 years before this new record is broken.

We also broke some record about consecutive days with 1 inch of snow cover. The new record is 77 days on March 17, 2014, breaking the old record of 73 days (March 15, 1978). Maybe that will be a question in Trivial Pursuit one day (wait—do the hip, young kids still play Trivial Pursuit? Do I have to update my references from the 1970s and 1980s to this century?).

Now, for any one within the sound of my blog, go out there and drive a car randomly, anywhere, like to Florida for no reason at all, and increase global warming for me.

I hate snow.


NOAA website


My wife says global warming is apparently bad, so ignore that random driving stuff. Send donations for a Florida condo instead.

Crankiness Rating: 11 out of 11 (I would re-make Disney’s Frozen, call it Hot as Hell, and have the queen shoot fire and brimstone from her hands. For comic relief, a character out of molten lava will make butt jokes for the kids while melting everything he touches.)